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What real estate agencies can do in each phase of deconfinement

The deconfinement measures announced by the Government envisage a staged recovery of economic and business activity in several phases. But how exactly do they apply to the real estate sector?

Phase 0: Customer service by appointment

The pre-deconfinement stage, baptized as phase 0, will begin on May 4 and foresees the opening of commercial premises and establishments by appointment for individual customer service.

In other words, in this phase the real estate agencies will be able to reopen their offices, but only to attend previously arranged consultations. The authorities’ instructions also specify that the safety of both professionals and customers must be guaranteed to the maximum. If the professional service requires contact with the customer, it is mandatory to use protective measures such as gloves and mask.


Phase 1: opening in strict safety conditions

Phase 1 is expected to run from 11 to 25 May, but may vary depending on the evolution of the virus in each territory. In fact, the islands of Formentera, El Hierro, La Gomera and La Graciosa will enter this phase early on the 4th of May.

During this phase, establishments may be opened, except for shopping centres or parks. In other words, real estate agencies will have to adopt some limitations to ensure security. Thus, for example, it is indicated that the minimum distance between customers must be 2 meters and, if this is not possible, there can only be one customer at a time.

From this phase onwards, mobility will be allowed within the same province, making it possible for customers from nearby towns to travel.


Phase 2 and following: maintenance of safety measures

From phase 2, which will come into force on 26 May in those provinces where the evolution is favourable, the capacity of the commercial premises will be progressively increased, but always with the requirement to be able to guarantee a minimum distance of 2 metres between customers.

Mobility between provinces will not begin until phase 4 or ‘new normal’, scheduled for the end of June, so until then it will not be possible to attend in person to customers from other sources.


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