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Ten entrepreneurial lessons to be drawn from this crisis

Attitudes should be adopted that can be reinforced when normality returns

Of all the dynamics that the pandemic and quarantine are transforming (it is not yet known whether temporarily or definitively), the operation of the companies and the important work of their leaders stand out. Fernando Botella, chief executive of the consulting firm Think & Action, has drawn up a decalogue of lessons or advice that managers can apply during this stage.


Noise and knowledge

“These are days of overinformation. And it is logical; we citizens are worried and we need to satisfy the uncertainty with information. But it’s important to learn to differentiate the real experts who offer solutions and valuable information from those who just get you high.


“We shouldn’t need any police reminding us not to go out on the street during confinement. The same could apply to the world of business. Why don’t we, once and for all, learn to live in our zone of influence? Why do we depend on being responsible for the circumstances that others mark us, instead of putting all our strength into those that are under our power?


“Peace and quiet are much more productive attitudes for managing uncertainty than agitation. Calm is not understood as a synonym for passivity, but as a key attitude to activate oneself in the face of adversity or a crisis. This is not a quality that abounds in companies, where pressure is usually high and patience is scarce”.

Train your mind

“Uncertainty is a state of mind activated by real events (in this case, the pandemic). That is why it is important to train the mind properly so as not to be overtaken by those elements that are beyond our control. An important concept in this training is to become aware, to look at what I can do as an individual: my attitude, my contribution and my capacity to resist.

The collective

“And not only on an individual level, but also as a collective. True resilience is about coming out of the crisis stronger. And doing it together is the best way. The reflection of this is what we are seeing during these days on the balconies all over Spain in the form of applauses, songs and other signs of group interaction. What if, at the end of this crisis, we transfer that group energy to the balconies of our offices?



“Maintaining a positive attitude is another key. Positive, not necessarily optimistic. How can we be optimistic in the face of the deaths or the collapse of the economy? The foolish optimism that closes its eyes to reality only leads to frustration and social irritation. What we can, and must, do is contemplate this reality with positivism, something that will allow us to face the future with a more lucid and imaginative vision.


“Circumstances rule and have imposed on us a pause, a slowdown. But uncertainty is not worked from a stop position. From our homes we are giving the best of ourselves, sharpening our wits to entertain ourselves in the long hours of confinement; for the children to have fun and continue studying; to do physical exercise; to reinvent and move our businesses forward… It’s the best way to look ahead.


“Más que nunca, la agilidad de respuesta y de adaptación adquiere una importancia capital. Hay que tomar decisiones difíciles, con recursos limitados y sin contar con todos los datos. Y hay que hacerlo a toda velocidad porque nos va la vida en ello. Y por ello no dejamos de ser excelentes”.


“Paradoxically, it is in a situation of social detachment and where physical contact has been reduced to a minimum that we feel most intimately connected to others. A current of solidarity runs through the country and the world. Many companies are taking a step forward by offering their help in the fight against a problem that belongs to everyone.


“To be brave is not to be fearless, but to face him, to take the bull by the horns. These situations help us realize how fragile we are. They are a cure for humility, but also an opportunity to make ourselves great by standing up to problems, looking beyond our own interests.


Source: Expansión April 13 2020: https://www.expansion.com/directivos/2020/04/09/5e8e2869e5fdea5a328b45e9.html

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