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Investikal is the professional market place for buying and selling profitable homes with or without tenants. The new website offers investors all the information needed to make an informed decision when buying a property in a reliable, transparent, secure and simple way. In Investikal you can find from the community costs to the financial projections of the property; we provide all the available data to ensure integrity and transparency in the search and transaction of profitable rental properties.

Investikal is a PropTech project led by Básico Homes and therefore has the backing of the experience and market knowledge that Básico Homes has developed since 2009 in areas such as marketing, valuation, advice, asset management, etc.

From the city to the countryside: the real estate exodus that comes with the virus

The telephone of some real estate agents rings in these tough days with a request: to put kilometres in the way to gain square metres and quality of life. The idea of an intermittent confinement and, above all, the implementation of teleworking in Spain, have given a boost to residential relocation. The coronavirus crisis was the last push that these owners needed to think about leaving their flat in the big city and moving to a smaller municipality, or even to a village, where they could acquire a better home.

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What will happen to housing after covid-19?

One month after the state of alarm was decreed by the Government and the confinement of Spanish society, great experts in the real estate sector draw a gloomy outlook for the residential market, with falls of close to 10% in prices and sales, but they warn that by 2022 the situation could return to pre-coronavirus levels and that this crisis has nothing to do with that of 2008, which took our country into a grey period that lasted for years.

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This meeting is part of SIMAPRO Home Edition, a cycle of online meetings broadcast live in which we will address various topics related to the management of the crisis, its effects on the sector and the pace of recovery.


  1. What is the status of the projects at the moment?

  2. Will investor confidence be maintained?

  3. Will build to rent be a reactivation accelerator?

  4. Will there be a before and after?


Source Simapro 23 of April 2020: https://simapro.net/home-edition/saldra-el-build-to-rent-fortalecido-de-esta-crisis/

The rental market will emerge stronger from the crisis: the funds are doubling their bet

The residential sector is preparing for a difficult year. The health crisis has led to an almost total halt in home buying and selling operations and work on new projects is currently at a standstill.

But the problem is not only in this period of economic lethargy; the real concern of the sector is the scenario it will face once mobility restrictions are lifted. In that future, which is uncertain at the moment, the only one that seems to have a little more light is the rental market. This is what the experts say, and they point out that this segment will come out of this crisis stronger.

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Ten entrepreneurial lessons to be drawn from this crisis

Attitudes should be adopted that can be reinforced when normality returns

Of all the dynamics that the pandemic and quarantine are transforming (it is not yet known whether temporarily or definitively), the operation of the companies and the important work of their leaders stand out. Fernando Botella, chief executive of the consulting firm Think & Action, has drawn up a decalogue of lessons or advice that managers can apply during this stage.

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The price of rental housing rose by 2.6% in 2020 until the emergence of the covid-19

The price of rental housing has increased by 2.6% during the first quarter of the year, leaving the square meter at 11.2 euros per month, according to the rental market report published by idealista. Lleida (5.7%) and Cadiz (5.2%) led the major increases in provincial capitals between January and March. The year-on-year increase was 5%.

For Fernando Encinar, head of research at Idealista, “the report, when compiling the first quarter supply, does not show the impact that the crisis of the coranavirus has had on the rental market. The gradual exit from the lockdown will reflect the declines in rents that are already being negotiated de facto between owners and tenants. To the price decreases, it will be necessary to add a more than probable exodus from the center of the big cities to their peripheries caused by the new searches that many tenants, after weeks of confinement in houses that they have discovered that they do not like, will make, being interested in apartments with more surface, light, views and tranquillity”.

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